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Inbound marketing is a strong point for your online strategy

To make the most of this line, however, you need to make the most of the blog. Any advice for your project and for the funnel?

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Inbound marketing allows you to find yourself when people need you. Advertising does not interrupt the use of content: through inbound marketing, therefore, it is the promotion itself that becomes useful for the customer.

An interesting definition, right? Seen from the outside, inbound marketing seems like an idyllic universe where everything becomes easier. This is partly the case. To work in this direction you need specific skills and overview, you have to abandon the idea of getting good results through a single action.

Within the funnel marketing funnel there are several elements that can make the difference. Everything depends on the passage that is taken into consideration, and one of the most important is surely the one in which the stranger becomes a reader, and then a potential lead. To get all this you need the blog . To what extent?


What is inbound marketing: definition

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The first useful step: to define, understand what is inbound marketing today. It is a methodology, a form of thought, a way to obtain certain results. While there is classic advertising that interrupts the use of content, on the other hand there is inbound marketing: a tactical thought that suggests you become what people are looking for.

You know well that the relationship between the individual is advertising has never been so in crisis. People notice advertising banners, they are impatient towards the TV commercial, they ignore mercilessly the sponsored pages. Because it is part of our balance: be wary of those who do not know you and want to sell you something . We are genetically predisposed, so we reason.

Here inbound marketing comes to the help of the company and the freelancer: it becomes what your customers look for, love, want. And it is found through quality content . Win the trust, make sure that people arrive on the web pages in a natural way. This is the meaning of inbound marketing .

Do not immediately claim the sale, develop the best content to let you know, appreciate and love. At this point it drives the interest in the pages useful for your purpose. That’s why we have to face the inbound marketing funnel.

Inbound marketing: attracts customers to your blog


The ideological aspect of inbound marketing

In the past there was advertising capable of interrupting the use of content at the best time. When the user (so you too) was reading or watching a content. Today all this is being challenged by inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing

This is the essential passage of the methodology in question. A methodology that includes influencer marketing, video marketing, native advertising and everything that allows you to create useful content for the public. The real success of this logic lies in the fact that you do not have to force your hand. You do not have to convince people to click.

Inbound marketing funnel

The essential concept of inbound marketing is found in the funnel, or in the process that leads the simple visitor to become a customer. Indeed, the process is much more articulated as the scheme suggests. You have to turn people who do not know us into promoters who are happy to talk about your product or service.

The first step brings the stranger on the website. This through the contents of the blog, but also thanks to SEO and social media marketing . The second passage, on the other hand, is what transforms the visitor into a lead.

This relationship can be more articulated, it all depends on the type of business. For example, the lead may not be ready for immediate purchase of the product or service, so you can use the contact for an email marketing job that lets you feed the potential customer’s interest. This is lead nurturig .

Now the customer is brought to the safe, the sale is over. Then? the concept of inbound marketing goes on and suggests you to link the contact to your business, to your message. How? Always through social media, the blog, the newsletter, the Facebook groups. A customer is a contact to follow over time with content.

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The blog to do inbound marketing

The blog is always present in the funnel. Not in all the steps, this is clear. But it is essential to trigger the process: through the blog you create content to attract people to your pages. Which people though? Those looking for informational keywords, that is 80% of internet traffic.

For informational searches I mean queries that look for content to answer a question not directly related to commercial needs. The latter must be satisfied by landing pages, the resources that drive towards sales or lead generation . To intercept another slice of users you have to give other resources.

inbound marketing

The blog becomes the decisive weapon. Through the contents, people arrive on your domain. They learn about your existence, they realize that your company can be the solution. Or that you can be a freelancer to do that advice. Also in this case the reader does not immediately become a customer . Or at least not always, for this the blog must retain the reader.

Some examples? The RSS feed is a good channel, the same applies to all social media that allow you to follow the updates. Page Facebook , Twitter and Google Plus must always be present, the same applies to the newsletter form. Without forgetting that today there are several plugins to create desktop notifications :

  • PushCrew
  • Onesignal

SEO, social content: attracts customers

Watch the first step of the funnel: the blog is decisive to bring people interested in the business on your pages. So just create an editorial plan and start writing great content to solve? In part this is a key aspect.

As you can admire from this bi-tree structure the work of SEO optimization is essential to guide the search engine (and here users) to the right resources. And then identify the best keywords for the blog to make the most of it.


It is not enough to create articles to intercept the public. At the base there is always a research able to indicate to the web writer the way to follow to write an article in an SEO perspective . On the contrary, this preliminary work helps you to put order in that junk of keywords to organize. There are those informational , then the navigation and finally the transactional queries that invite you to do something.

For example, download, buy, send email for a quote. All this needs an SEO analysis to understand what content to create to meet certain needs. At this juncture you can create an editorial calendar for the blog, but also for social media. Because it is also with these channels that customers are attracted. Such as? Through publication of contents, interaction and sponsorships.

Inbound marketing does not mean absence of advertising. The sponsored content offered by Facebook Advertising and AdWords, when they are organized thinking about the reader’s usefulness, are an integral part of a good strategy. The same goes for the banners.

The centrality of landing pages

Does the blog have a single role? Must publish content to intercept the audience and that’s it? No, there is a transition to be completed: to drive traffic to the landing pages . That is, useful resources to turn readers into customers. How?

  • Internal links in the text inserted with anchor text.
  • Banner in the sidebar or in the footer of the post.

In these cases there is a factor that can be decisive for the success of the blogging strategy: the usefulness of the link . The link to the landing page must be contextualized, not intrusive, but at the same time visible. This means that you have to think about links that can add value.

I often used Custom Sidebars . This WordPress plugin allows you to create custom sidebars based on the category or tag.

Concrete example: in the articles dedicated to SEO I can insert the banners that lead to the SEO audit service , while the posts in the web writing category show the banner related to the blogging course . You have to segment and contextualize.

The analysis of Hotjar on My Social Web.

To increase your landing page visits, you need to study public behavior. Google Analytics offers an in-page flow analysis service.

But with a good heatmap service you can understand what are the elements that attract the mouse cursor. Here is an analysis conducted on My Social Web with Hotjar . Another useful plugin? Q2W3 Fixed Widget , to create magnetic widgets in the foreground.

Inbound marketing: does only the blog exist?

No, there is not just the blog. This is decisive for describing inbound marketing in depth: the online diary is definitely an indispensable weapon in certain environments, and on specific occasions . But this is not always the way to go. Even the Moz chart is clear about it: the blog is just one of the tools.

There are video contents, which today are decisive on social media, there is influencer marketing , without forgetting the work of community building and that of digital PR. In other words, the ability of a digital strategist is to understand what is the ideal time to apply the blog. And find ways to achieve the result.

Inbound Vs Outbound marketing

There is no better or worse, but a strategic vision of the universe. Outbound marketing represents the past, an inocular approach to communication: the source pushes commercial content, forcing the attention of an increasingly distracted audience. Inbound marketing works in the opposite direction.

Guy Kawasaki said: if you have more money than brain you can focus on outbound marketing, if you have more brain money than you can work on inbound marketing. Guy Kawasaki

Customers come to you. Of course, it’s an exaggeration. But a concept is clear : the roads do not have to be excluded, the channels must not be opposed.

A large company , for example, can focus on corporate blogging but also on the television commercial. It depends on the objectives, the target, the quality of the content.


You can have a blog and be starched like a bureaucrat and publish press releases that are not light, or you can create TV commercials to dwarf the masters of storytelling . And exploit the typical channels of outbound marketing (mass media) to intercept a cross-sector target . So the idea is this: do not decline regardless of the possibilities offered by different methodologies.

Books and PDF on inbound marketing

Inbound marketing must be learned methodically. Without improvisation. If you want to deepen the essential topics of this subject you must be ready to invest and dedicate time to study. A study that must be fluid , not dogmatic. Able to take as a reference all the subject of web marketing.

  • Inbound marketing, the new rules of the digital age of Jacopo Samo Matteuzzi
  • Transform WordPress for the inbound marketing of Andrea Barghigiani
  • 100 inbound marketing ideas by Hubspot (PDF)

The book of Jacopo Samo Matteuzzi is to be put in the forefront and always advise those who want to deepen the theme of inbound marketing. The text of Andrea Barghigiani, however, I recommend it without delay to give technical completeness to the subject. And to combine the theoretical and practical aspects. WordPress is a great CMS for doing blogging and inbound marketing, but it must be used well.

Examples of inbound marketing


Everybody talks about inbound marketing but it is difficult to put it in black and to list concrete examples: case studies that talk about successes related to the use of this methodology. In reality there are virtuous companies , just look around. In this presentation you will find 32 good examples to follow.