How Twitter works and what it is for: a beginner's guide

How to use Twitter?

How do you make the most of this social network? The answer is found in this post, here are some tips to use in the best possible way a platform full of possibilities.


How does Twitter work ? It seems a trivial question for those who work in social media marketing . Do you need an article that explains how to use Twitter? Yes, especially if you have decided to use it as a professional tool.

Because this is precisely the point: doing marketing with Twitter is a stretch. I know, it seems an absurd statement. You have read dozens of articles dedicated to this topic and web professionals know the effectiveness of this social network .

Well, this article contains my idea about the true nature of this reality. A reality that can only be decisive if one respects its nature. How do I tweet? Rather simple, write a message and hit enter. How do you write a tweet to someone? Just use the mentions. The snail. But how does Twitter work?


Definition: what is Twitter and how it works

The topics of the post

  • Definition: what is Twitter and how it works
  • Difference follower and following on Twitter
  • Difference between hashtag and snail (mention)
  • How to get a verification check on Twitter
  • Twitter guide for beginners: how to tweet
  • How to write a direct message on Twitter
  • Use Twitter to best advertise
  • What Twitter is really for you
  • How does Twitter work: is it easy to emerge?

Let’s start from the base, from the starting point. What is and how does Twitter work? It is a virtual place where you can make a clear decision: scream in the void or start chatting with the people around you.

In front of you you have a form, an empty field in which you can enter 280 characters. Only? First there were 140. Synthesis is a gift to use Twitter, you can not waste time with useless details. You must write only what you need. And here you can insert text, images, GIFs, videos, links, hashtags and mentions (@mention) that are always fundamental.

Exactly, in every tweet you can add visual content and hyperlinks useful to people who have decided to follow you. The best way to start using Twitter? You pretend you’re at a party but you do not know anyone, so you have to chat and get to know someone. The advice: start following someone.

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Difference follower and following on Twitter

The most interesting process of this social: there are people who decide to follow you (follower) and you can decide whether to do the same. So, to sum up: you write something and the public decides whether to follow you or not. Are the numbers indispensable?

Not exactly. Many continue to see the sum of followers, the people who follow you, as the yardstick to measure the success of your business.

follower e following

How do I use it and how does Twitter work? I leave you the first step : the number of followers is not the key to your strategy. The community is the added value and the involvement. The ability to feed the public can make the difference.

Difference between hashtag and snail (mention)

Essential difference to start using Twitter. The hashtag is the pointer that is inserted before the words to turn them into labels that make your tweet traceable and allow you to reach lists that collect all the tweets that used that hashtag. The snails, however, are mention: account citations.


The snail is used to draw the attention of the people you are quoting. The hashtag, on the other hand, is exploited to give visibility to a tweet . But you do not have to exaggerate, use only the most important keywords to insert hashtags on Twitter.

How to get a verification check on Twitter

Would you like to get the blue tick next to the name? It depends on many factors , you must be a profile worthy of note and with a reasonable following. Difficult to understand who can and who can not have this symbol, but you can apply on the official page .

Twitter guide for beginners: how to tweet

Did you expect a complete guide to learn how to use Twitter? You do not need it, this social is simple and intuitive. To understand the mechanism, just follow the people you know and post some tweets. The problem is another and does not concern the simple publication of the contents. How to use Twitter at the beginning?

Subscribe to the service

First step to start using Twitter: you must sign up. To do this you can go to and complete all the steps . You must give your first and last name, the telephone number and an account name. Choose it carefully, it will be part of the URL .

Complete the profile

Have you signed up for this social network and are looking for a beginner Twitter guide? Now you want to know how and what to complete after registration. Do not worry, using Twitter is very easy: here is a summary of all the steps to complete.

 Here is a Twitter profile

As you can see from this example ( click on the link to enlarge ) there are several elements to modify. You can create a good cover image with the canva and add the various information that goes into the sidebar. Remember also to create an effective bio for Twitter , a decisive element of your work.

Start by following someone

Important step: once registered you can follow the people who inspire you. You can search for people you know or maybe follow famous characters that interest you.

Start by following someone and remember: if you want to create interaction you have to fly low. To say, you can not pretend to follow Seth Godin , Minister Poletti or Laura Boldrini and get an answer. But this is the first step to increase followers on Twitter .

How do you tweet

Want to know how to write an effective tweet and what to write on Twitter to be followed? First you have to learn how to send a tweet . How you do it? Go to your profile and click on the button at the top right with the word tweet.

Come si fa a twittare Here’s how to tweet.

You open a form where you can enter up to 280 characters and with a series of keys to insert extra content. For example, photos, videos, geolocation, surveys. You can also create a gif and upload it as an image but there is a specific Twitter service that allows you to choose from an internal archive.

Other ways to send a tweet? If you go to blog content you will find a button at the beginning or at the end of the post. Click to start the publishing process : this way you can publish the content without going to your profile. Here’s how Twitter works in these cases: convenient, simple and effective.

Respond to tweets with the mention On Twitter you can send messages to the public but you can also reply to people with the reply command that is underneath each tweet. In this way you start a discussion, which then represents the true soul of Twitter.

How to write a direct message on Twitter

Another typical need for those looking for a guide to use Twitter at best: how to write and send a message to another account? Simple, just go to your personal profile and go to the top left icon of the header.

 Send direct messages on Twitter.

Here you find a letter icon. The same thing you can do if you arrive on a profile you want to contact or on a mention: where you see a letter envelope means that you can send direct messages on Twitter. And contact a user in person.

Use Twitter to best advertise

To understand what Twitter is for, you have to face this step. It is not enough to throw 280 beats in the sea of chirps that make up the social web. Or at least not enough to get good results, to create a community around your account.

Because this is your problem. You opened Twitter, went to the sign up page and created a profile. You have read several articles that have pushed you to use this social network to get concrete results and you have started to publish links.

To get results you have to learn how to tweet . You have to take advantage of the features of this platform and insert links, mentions, hashtags, images, videos.


Complies with the 80/20 rule , a concrete application of the Pareto principle that suggests: 80% of your tweets must satisfy the community , 20% must be promotional. A good way to emerge on Twitter.

This means that your business must follow an editorial plan based on weighted and entertainment-related publishing. Not to promotion.

You have to focus on quality content and, to do this, you have to abandon the self-referential perspective . Share what you think is useful for people and always consider the reasons that push the public to follow a brand.

Do you need an editorial plan? Do not worry, find out how to organize the contents

What Twitter is really for you

Create connections. You wonder how Twitter works ? It can be useful to increase the visits of the blog , to tell an event to people who have not had the opportunity to participate, relaunch a news and work on content marketing .

All true. But the real role of Twitter in your digital strategy is its ability to create connections. It is a social born to chat, to establish discussions with people you do not know but who share your values. And your interests .

What is Twitter for? To publish your opinion. Remember how it works: through the blow and answer. This is its nature, just so you can get the most out of this social. You can create a community, you can gather people around you and share your point of view. Your vision. Your idea. your opinion.

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How does Twitter work: is it easy to emerge?

There are a thousand ways to exploit this reality. How does Twitter work? At the base there are the relationships . You can use it to share your links and to increase the visits of the blog , you can use its power on real time to share news and to tell events. Always with the help of the right hashtags, it is obvious.

There are no other solutions. Using this social link only to launch links and turn this social into a surrogate of the Feed Rss is madness. To learn how to use Twitter you have to do the simplest thing possible: look for people who have your interests.