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Corporate Blog 

How to get good results with the company blog? Here are a series of tips to get good results with a corporate project, able to work around concrete objectives.

Do we have to communicate? We open a corporate blog . Do we have to create content? We open a corporate blog. There are no customers? Let’s open a … no, let’s shoot.


Do we open your business blog?

Sometimes those who make decisions in the company think like that. Here are the sides of the coin: there are those who do not want to hear about corporate blog and who would pass the communication on WordPress. To exploit the advantages of inbound marketing and the web.

But sometimes the results do not come. So throw everything to the nettles and return to advertising on flyers? Winning team is not changed? You can find a middle ground. Here’s how to optimize your company-wide blogging strategy .


What is a corporate blog: definition

The topics of the post

  • What is a corporate blog: definition
  • How to improve a company blog
  • Editorial plan of a corporate blog
  • Results and advantages of the company blog
  • There is the blog to improve the community
  • Your corporate blog: opinions and ideas

Before you figure out how to create a blog and start reaping good business results, you need to define this world.

A personal diary is a platform that is used to publish articles on WordPress without a final purpose. Just for the pleasure of being there.

The corporate blog is a solution that is opened by an entrepreneurial reality to achieve results. Similar to a personal blog there is the CMS, and you can find the principles that move technical aspects that have always moved the world of online publications. Like SEO and HTML .

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How to improve a company blog

Does a business blog have to be sad? Watch the America Express Tumblr: the corporate blog you do not expect. There is also the official one, but I want to dare and propose this example at times psychedelic, paradoxical, incoherent. 

I mean, but have you seen what this blog is? It may seem out of reach. But maybe they wanted to say something like, “Hey, we’re not mummies at the American Express. And this card is not only suitable for the rich: even a young person can have it “.

More or less. In any case, corporate blogs are not boring regardless . They are boring if the company that gives birth to them is boring. All in image and likeness. From here comes a series of tips to optimize the blog and make it suitable for your project.

SEO positioning

With the company blog you can get one of the essential advantages, namely a good ranking of its search engines . This is because the articles meet the information needs of users, not commercial ones. And they carry traffic.


To do all this you need to think in terms of keyword research : find the most interesting topics to answer questions from the public, for example with Answer The Public or Semrush , and optimize your articles starting from the key steps of any good optimization of web pages . Trying to limit useless pages.

Choice of design

When you upload the WordPress theme to your corporate blog, always remember to work on an essential point: the brand . The colors must remember what you are, the choice of the font can not get away from your values and the elements of the template are part of the communication . Other decisive aspects? Choose a premium, quality theme.

Structure and user experience

A corporate blog should not be about confusion. It must be simple and well organized . Logo, navigation menu, pages, articles, sidebar, footer: you do not have to give the search engine and the user reason to waste time. But not only.

struttura del sito

You must be fast and mobile friendly. Do not waste time, the page must be loaded as soon as possible. Remove everything that is not needed, delete the superfluous , get help from a webmaster to speed up WordPress and compress images: they slow down everything.

Create a visual identity

You can use Canva or another program to edit images, in any case you have to forge a visual feature . people have to see your publications and understand that you are on the fly. You can also use apps to add text to your photos , but do something to make yourself recognizable. An anonymous blog can not take off.

Editorial plan of a corporate blog

To take off your corporate blog you need a clear document: the editorial plan. That is to say, a study of what is really needed for your reality. You can not proceed without a well-defined structure. The steps:

  • Brand study with related SWOT analysis .
  • Reflection on competition and the target.
  • Weighted drafting of reader personas .
  • Definition of the objectives to be achieved.
  • Analysis of the informational keywords.
  • Mental map of the contents to be published.
  • Any rules to follow for the community.

This work is not obtained from one day to the next . You need a study to understand what are the topics to be addressed, where to put keywords on WordPress , which individuals reach and how to deal with people. With which tone of voice .

It is not easy to make ends meet. That’s why, as a rule, there are professionals who work only on the creation of an editorial plan with a related calendar of publications to encompass all the titles necessary to carry on the activity.


Results and advantages of the company blog

What results have you set? Reach the summit of the world. So we proletarians are crazy that we continue to publish new articles day after day ?

The results of a corporate blog depend on the sanity of those who create an editorial plan : if you define the stellar objectives, it will be difficult to reach them. It is not certain that the results grow steadily, and that the increase in some values is positive .

Is your goal to increase visits ? All right. But what is your true goal ? Have a corporate blog with 2,000 visits a day but zero comments? Or that destroys the value of the brand? The results did not arrive. And not even the customers.

What can you get from a company blog?

The results that come from a company blog are different. It is not only about the possibility of increasing visits to the site , it is a secondary aspect. Indeed, it is a related objective. There is something different behind it. A corporate blog must point to something else.

  • Lead generation and sales.
  • Engagement of the public.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Link popularity .

The visits to the conversion page, that is to say the landing page , are decisive. And they represent the last point, the main objective , if the pages are off the site. This is the case of an ecommerce : the blog brings clicks on the product sheets.

But often the transaction is internal to the blog. As well as the pages to do lead generation, to get interested contacts to reach with a job of email marketing . At this point the goal concerns the numbers: how much have you sold? How many contacts have you recovered. The goals of the blog are about these key aspects.

Engagement, brand awareness, SEO links

Secondary objectives but always important. A corporate blog becomes a point of reference when you want to engage the public and create engagement . At the same time it can be an invincible weapon to improve your brand awareness .

This means that you can make people remember you and your brand, recognize your business on the fly by linking it to positive values . If you publish quality content with name and surname, people recognize you, trust you.

Then there are link popularity strategies and here you are not joking. How can you get good links if you do not have a blog to post something that webmasters might find useful ? I know, anyway it’s not easy. But it is worth trying.

There is the blog to improve the community

Dissatisfied customers use the blog to leave critical comments , it was not the kind of interaction you expected. But this is reality: you can not avoid it.

Not even closing the blog. Indeed, once closed customers will go to the Facebook page. Then to Twitter. They will destroy your social life and then continue offline : if you give a good reason to talk badly about your brand, someone will do it.

But the fault is not the blog. The fault is yours . A quality blog must publish content worthy of the name. But if you sell a bad product you can try all the magic you want: people are not stupid, they will find you up to the end of the world.